Coastal / Marine / River protection works

Coastal, marine, and river environments are constantly changing due to natural processes such as erosion, sedimentation, and sea level rise. It is essential to protect these environments to prevent damage to infrastructure, property, and natural habitats.

Our highly experienced team provide valued engineered solutions to Councils, local authorities , OPW and other government agencies as well as engineering consultants, contractors and landowners to design and analyse coastal, marine, and river protection projects.

We offer a range of coastal, marine, and river protection solutions to meet the needs of our clients, including:

  • Revetments: These are protective structures made of stone, concrete, or other materials that provide a stable slope for erosion control.
  • Pier & Sea wall Repairs.
  • Seawalls: These are structures that are constructed along the shoreline to protect against erosion, storm surges, and flooding.
  • Masonry bride reinforcement & repairs.
  • River Training Works: These are structures that are constructed in rivers to manage the flow of water and prevent erosion.