Masonry Bridge Repairs

Masonry bridges have been used for centuries to provide reliable transportation over waterways, valleys, and other obstacles. These structures are typically made from brick, stone, or concrete blocks, and require periodic maintenance and repairs to ensure their long-term stability and safety.

At Manning Ground Engineering, we specialise in masonry bridge repairs, providing comprehensive services to restore and reinforce these important structures. Our team of experienced masons and engineers has the expertise and equipment necessary to address a wide range of issues, including:

  • Cracking or spalling of masonry blocks
  • Settlement or shifting of bridge piers or abutments
  • Corrosion or deterioration of metal components, such as reinforcing bars or expansion joints
  • Water damage or erosion of bridge foundations or footings

Our repair techniques include:

  • Tuckpointing or repointing of masonry joints to improve structural integrity and prevent water infiltration

  • Installation of additional reinforcement, such as tie bars, steel plates or epoxy injections, to strengthen weakened areas
  • Replacement of damaged or deteriorated masonry blocks with new materials that match the original design
  • Rehabilitation or replacement of metal components, such as bridge rails or expansion joints, to improve safety and functionality

Throughout the repair process, we prioritise safety and quality, adhering to industry standards and best practices to ensure that the bridge is restored to its full capacity and longevity. We also work closely with our clients to provide regular updates and communication, ensuring that they are informed and involved every step of the way.

If you need masonry bridge repairs, trust the experts at Manning Ground Engineering. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services.

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