Pali radice/ root pile

Pali Radice or Root piles are deep foundation elements that are used to transfer the load of a structure to deeper, more stable soils. They are particularly useful in areas with poor soil conditions, such as soft soils, expansive soils, or soils with high water tables.

Root piles can be an economical solution for arresting subsidence in structures, where the raked piles installed both sides of a wall use the existing foundations or deadwork for the mechanical connection between the structure and the piles, thus eliminating costly concrete pads or beams as well as excavation costs.

We specialise in designing and constructing root piles, also known as “Pali Radice,” that provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for additional foundation support and subsidence repair.

We offer a range of root pile solutions to meet the needs of our clients, including

  • Steel Root Piles: These piles are made of high-strength steel and are ideal for use in challenging soil conditions.
  • Concrete Root Piles: These piles are made of reinforced concrete and are ideal for use in moderate to good soil conditions.
  • Hollow stem Root Piles: Self drilling piles are installed using rotary percussive action, they provide a very quick installation process. Hollow stem piles come in various sizes depending on load requirement and can carry ultimate loads from 210kN to 1900kN.

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